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Shedding Season: Dealing with Your Dog’s Winter Coat

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Managing Your Dog's Winter Coat


Dear Fetch! Family Members,

As the weather starts to turn, we want to remind you about changes in your dog’s coat that can occur during the winter months. Many dogs develop a thick, fluffy undercoat when it gets colder outside, providing insulation and warmth. However, this change can also result in shedding.


Here are some tips for managing your pup’s winter coat:

  • Regular grooming and brushing: Brushing your furry friend frequently will remove dead fur and keep their coat free of tangles. It also reduces shedding to keep your home clean and hair-free!
  • Adequate nutrition: Providing your dog with a balanced diet is important for maintaining a healthy winter coat. Pup’s need proper nutrition for strong hair growth, which keeps them comfortable during chilly outdoor activities.
  • Safe shelter: Make sure your pet’s environment promotes a healthy coat. Use a humidifier to keep indoor heat from drying out their skin and hair. Reduce allergens in their bed or crate by washing bedding regularly.


We hope that these suggestions help you manage your pup’s winter coat!