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Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

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Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

Numerous factors set Fetch! apart. One of the most important?


Here’s why:

At Fetch!, our collaborative approach and commitment to providing exceptional care for your pets provides unmatched value and peace of mind to pet parents. As dedicated pet lovers, we consider your furry companions part of our extended family, and their well-being is our top priority. However, being part of a close-knit team of devoted pet care providers truly sets us apart. Let us explain why this matters.

While every caregiver forms a personal bond with your furry family member, the advantage of having a team of providers familiar with your pet’s unique personality, preferences, quirks, and challenges cannot be overstated. This collective knowledge allows us to collaborate, exchange insights, and continually refine our practices. Our team brings diverse experiences and expertise, helping us to address various challenges such as behavioral issues, health problems, separation anxiety, and more. This ensures that your pets receive well-rounded and customized care that meets their individual needs.

You’ll find comfort in knowing someone on our team with the proper experience and knowledge can seamlessly step in when needed. Our team members would feel a significant amount of guilt when sick, on vacation, or dealing with an emergency if it meant your pet wouldn’t receive the care they deserve. Though it may seem like a compliment wanting to align your vacation or plans with a particular pet sitter’s schedule, it actually imposes undue stress and pressure on the sitter.

Working as part of a team provides invaluable support and camaraderie. We are always here for each other, offering backup, sharing advice, and celebrating the tail-waggin’ triumphs of our BFFs (Best FETCH!! Fur-iends)! Knowing that we can rely on one another enhances the quality of care we provide and fosters a positive and uplifting work environment. We are a unified pack, not only amongst ourselves but also with your beloved pets.

Read below to get a pet sitter’s perspective about the many benefits of being part of the Fetch! Team.

Here is a Q&A from one of our pack members, Ittai:

Q: Can you list three reasons why it is beneficial for you to be a part of a care team for every client you provide service for, and how it helps benefit each pet’s specific needs?

  1. Not only are there more people there for your pet, but we are also there for each other. If a provider has something come up, another is there to support them. For instance, I have a very old dog, and sadly, he is nearing the end of his journey. The nature of this is unpredictable, and he has his good days and bad. I can be there when he needs me because I’m part of a supportive team. That means the world to me. Not only can I be there for him, but the pets that I help provide service for are being taken care of as well.
  2. Another huge benefit I’ve seen firsthand is we work with many shy and apprehensive animals. The more providers they meet and learn that they can trust, the less fear they experience overall. It’s gratifying to see them blossom. Socialization is so important for all of our pets. It provides more benefits than we can count!
  3. And last but not least, many of our pets are used to a particular routine. Maybe they are fed or walked at specific times, for example. Working as a team, we are able to accommodate or at least very closely emulate their preferred routine. This is something I couldn’t do if I worked alone.

Q: Is there ever a downside to having a Walking Team or a Care Team for our fur clients?

A: Honestly, one doesn’t come to mind—the more people there to care for and love your pet, the better. I trust my teammates, and they trust me. I would even trust them with my own babies! We make extraordinary things happen through our incredible connections.

Q: What measures does the team take to ensure a safe and secure environment for pets when working collaboratively with other team members?

A: Each member of the team is required to become Fetch! certified. That means we have studied all the materials and procedures Fetch! has in place to learn and keep ourselves and the pets we care for, safe. Afterward, we took a test that we had to pass at 90%. If we miss more than one answer, we must retake the test until we score 90% or above.

We also have a thorough training process, and team leads who provide guidance and mentorship. We prioritize open feedback and provide support to one another.

Q: How do you ensure essential information is passed along effectively?

A: We update profiles with important information that all team members are able to review before working with clients. We communicate any critical details to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes triggers, allergies, preferred greetings, and other relevant information for each pet’s needs.

Does your dog have a specific trigger? We will make sure that’s on there.

An allergy? That too.

Does your dog respond best to treats when first arriving? That’s noteworthy as well.

Is your cat an escape artist? We’re way ahead of them!

Does your shy cat respond to a specific way of greeting? We will share the details.

And the list goes on…

To summarize, being part of the Fetch! team allows us to deliver a higher level of care to you and your pets. Our collaborative approach brings peace of mind, expertise, and a supportive network that ultimately benefits each pet sitter and, most importantly, your precious fur babies. We paw-mise that once you experience the quality and dedication of our team, you won’t want to entrust your pets’ care to anyone else.